CBD 🔥 fördel eller nackdel ?


CBD - The Devil's evil Cannabis intoxication?



When we think of cannabis, clear images spring to mind. The narcotic drug, which only has medical benefits in rare, serious cases and then only with a doctor's prescription. Marijuana is marijuana whether it is CBD or THC, everything is the same - right?


Well, before we go into this question, I would like to outline the topic completely and talk about the biology of a common fly. Flies are creatures that we consider dirty - they contain substances that harm the human organism. Now, if someone told us that fleas could help if we got sick, we might declare him crazy. Personally, I would too, if science didn't counter it. Researchers from Auburn University discovered a kind of protein in the saliva of the fly with ability to recover wounds and cracked skin. Likewise, researchers from Stanford University discovered a fly substance with ability to strengthen the immunity system in human beings. This probably means that one and the same shape can contain substances that regarded isolated are harmful as well as beneficial for humans. Interesting!




But to get back to the actual topic of CBD. It has been scientifically proven that CBD is not intoxicating and has a variety of positive effects. Strengthens the immune system, has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps with acne, depression, pain and anxiety. While the THC contained in cannabis is an illegal substance, the traffic of which is only permitted by prescription - the ban on the trade of CBD products has been banned for every European state by the European Court of Justice. That means THC is illegal, CBD is not. And for good reason (see also CBD NEWS ~ CBD drug class ?!  )


So should we really leave our perception and worldview to social prejudices and stigmas? Or should we not generally inform, educate ourselves, collect knowledge and form our own opinion? Isn't it precisely the prejudices and social stigmas that too often push us to a narrower viewpoint and restrict us more than opening us up. A healthy dose of skepticism is always good, but we should always use it positively and use the energy to inform ourselves more precisely and not to lose the overview. 



Only in this way can we ultimately achieve progress together that is useful to all of us.




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