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    GEML’s rolling papers are completely natural. You'll find 32 leaves made out of 100% organic hemp with a touch of Scandinavian Excellence in a booklet. In addition, you'll also find 32 Kraft Eco filters for you to use. We are nature friendly. 

    King Size Slim. 

    Yes sir! We collobarate with our nature loving friends and guess what? Best quality, best price- again, again and again.

    About GEML:

    GEML is established in the innovation hub - Lund . Henceforth, we want to live up to the Swedish standard through providing you with the highest quality and natural rolling papers.

    All our papers are made out of 100% hemp with a touch of Scandinavian Excellence. The only fibers used in the papers are the same ones from the hemp tree itself - the cellulosa. This fiber form a firm and strong paper which burns extra slow, we call it the Super Slow Burn. A splendid gum line has also been added to our papers, which is water based gum.

    Our filters are called Kraft Eco Filter. They're made out of eco-friendly recycled Kraft. They have multiple dimension options, you can change the width and the length of the filter. You do as you choose. 


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